New York City Debt Outstanding

Sep 13, 2011

At the end of fiscal year 2011, New York City reached a milestone: the amount of debt outstanding passed $100 billion. As total debt outstanding has grown - by 83 percent since 2002 - the forms of debt the City issues have also diversified.

In The Danger Zone: A Comparative Analysis of New York State's Long-Term Obligations

Mar 09, 2010

A comparative analysis of the 50 states indicates that New York's debt burden is in a "danger zone;" it is well above national averages and greater than that of all but three states. As a result New Yorkers are currently paying about $5.6 billion in debt service, and in four years the state's credit card obligation will be over $7.1 billion or one of every ten dollars paid in taxes.

New York City Debt Outstanding