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Change in School Aid
School Years 2013-2014 to

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The fiscal year 2015 New York State enacted budget increased school aid by $1.1 billion for school year 2014-15, or 5.4 percent. Aid in school year 2014-15 will be $21.8 billion, surpassing the 2009-10 peak of $21.7 billion. More than half of the increase, or $602 million, will be delivered through Gap Elimination Adjustment (GEA) restorations that do not adequately reflect changes in enrollment, student need, or district ability to pay; the legislature also added $251 million for foundation aid and $267 million for expense-based and other categorical grant aid, a form of aid favoring wealthier and higher spending districts. The budgeted increase in “formula, expense-based aid and other categorical” for each school district is shown in the map. To see the increase and other pertinent school aid statistics for any district, click on the district.

To learn more about this map please read the blogpost on this subject, What School Aid Cap? For a Second Year School Aid Grows More than 5 Percent.